I'm Josephine, a 22-year-old law student living near London. This is me, preserving my modesty behind one of my many cliched Moleskines (I'm not quite ready, or photographically adept enough, to show my face to the internet yet - if indeed anyone is reading this!).

I have big eyes

I used to study English, but after two literature degrees I'm converting to law to be a solicitor. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this yet.

Things I like: early modern drama, coffee, owning too much stationery, perfume, Wagamamas, winter, Marmite, short hair, Spaced, Spotify, chicken nuggets, old cinemas, my cat, talking a lot, Oxford, champagne, bookshops, the seaside, my dog, black tights, big jumpers, Mad Men, London, burnt toast, French novels, making lists, cheese, charity shops, monochrome, Blackadder, libraries, ghost stories, big eyelashes, dim sum, Hendricks gin, Wimbledon, tea, grey nail varnish, long walks, Father Ted, long train journeys, dancing, new cities, Garfield the cat, lily of the valley, road trips, late nights, porridge, Peep Show, baking, Henley, rhubarb and custard.

Oh, and makeup. This is a blog about it.

Feel free to tweet me for any/no reason, or email me at likeslawloveslipstick@gmail.com.