Monday, 30 April 2012

MAC Lipsticks: Cremesheen Edition

Just putting it out there: I have a lot of MAC lipsticks. What can I say, addictive personality and all that jazz. There's something about them that got me seriously hooked a while back - Ruby Woo was my first (which I think I've talked about in my post on MAC red lipsticks), and I soon accumulated a lot more. My last purchases were some of the matte brights from the Iris Apfel collection, and I think my obsession has eased off a bit now - you never know, though...

I love seeing which shades people have chosen, so I thought I'd swatch my collection for you. I've split them up by formula, as categorising by colour would be too messy and random when you have as many pinky and/or bright shades I do!

Kicking off with the cremesheens, for no reason at all. It turns out I own seven. Which is bizarre, since I don't think of this as my favourite formula - I prefer mattes and amplified cremes (I have nearly all of the amplifieds!), or lustres for less pigmented colour. I can't say I wear any of these on a truly regular basis except Speed Dial, though part of my motivation for swatching them all is to encourage myself to use more of my collection!

L-R: Creme Cup, Speed Dial, Speak Louder
Top to bottom: Creme Cup, Speed Dial, Speak Louder
I can never figure out why I don't like Creme Cup more! It's a cool-toned light pink, which everyone loves, but I just don't warm to it (ha) very much. Maybe I'll try wearing this one more, as it seems undeservedly neglected! However, I much prefer the other two colours here...

Speak Louder and Speed Dial are both blue-toned pinks, though Speak Louder is darker and redder. These don't get mentioned all that often on blogs/YT - people seem to favour nudes or super-brights! Speed Dial is a very wearable, pretty everyday pink, while Speak Louder is pretty bright on the lips (which I love for daytime, but it may be more of an evening shade for other more tasteful people!). Both great for summer.

L-R: Shy Girl, Ever Hip, Jazzed, Crosswires
Top to bottom: Shy Girl, Ever Hip, Jazzed, Crosswires
Ever Hip and Jazzed are limited edition shades I got in a blog sale last summer, when I was going through a coral phase. I'm usually not that keen on coral shades on me, as I find them tricky with my colouring for some reason, despite wanting to like them! Ever Hip is a lovely pinky coral which does work fairly well on me (also, I adore the Liberty of London packaging!), while Jazzed is more true coral.

Crosswires is a shade you rarely hear mentioned on blogs/Youtube - it's a pinky coral red (helpful), like a more pigmented version of the lustre See Sheer. Gorgeous for easy-to-wear summer lips. (This is basically a coral version of Speak Louder, if that makes sense!)

Shy Girl is one of those incredibly popular shades, but I find I have to be careful what makeup I wear with this. For a warm-toned summery look - bronzer, peachy blush, golds on the eyes - this peachy nude is lovely, and the formula is miles better than Hue, a glaze finish which is basically a pink version of this. So if that's your style I definitely recommend Shy Girl (though you probably already own it!). On me, however, this look is not the most flattering - I wear it occasionally when I'm feeling summery, and I do enjoy it, but it's slightly jarring against my complexion.

Having swatched all these, I'll definitely be wearing them more in future - especially Speak Louder and Crosswires, which have been unfairly relegated to obscurity in the bottom of my makeup drawers!

Till next time,

Josephine x

PS. I think I heard some of the lesser-known colours, like Crosswires and Speed Dial, mentioned in Miss Princess Pancake's excellent video on her favourite MAC lipsticks, which features some really wearable shades. Thought I must have got the idea from somewhere when putting in that particular online order!


  1. I own quite a few MAC ones too, I really love the formula/smell/wear. Plumful is a really nice one you might like x

    1. Ah yes, the smell is gorgeous! Definitely makes a difference. I have Plumful, and you're spot on, it's just the kind of colour I like, one of my favourites! It'll be making an appearance in my lustres post shortly :) x

  2. I love the look of speed dial! It reminds me a bit of fanfare. I don't like creme cup as much as others do either. I bought it because of the bloggers hype but it's a bit, I don't know, it seems to light and meh on the lips. I seem to favour mid toned pinks rather than really bright lips or nudes. You should check out fanfare haha, if you like mid toned pinks you won;t be disappointed (although I am in awe of your mac lipstick collection). xx

    1. Ah I will definitely be having a swatch of Fanfare next time I happen to saunter into a MAC store...can't resist a nice wearable pink these days! I have so many bright/crazy colours that you have to be in the right kind of mood to wear haha. Also I'm glad someone else isn't a big fan of Creme Cup either, I just find it too light and a tad unflattering - I'm such a sucker for blogger hype too! x

    2. It is so wearable... I love 'Please me' as well, but that's a matte shade. I know what you mean, I have to be daring to wear bold colours on the lips... I've just gone out and bought speed dial, hehe xx

    3. Ooh lovely, hope you enjoy it! I miss having a MAC counter near me for impulse purchases haha. Please Me is gorgeous isn't it, matte lipsticks are generally my favourite, and it's such a pretty colour, brightens up your face without being loud. I also like Pink Plaid, basically a cooler version of Please Me! xx

  3. i love the colours! really nice :)

    1. Thanks hun, glad you like them! :) All pretty colours for spring/summer, total coincidence! x